Success Stories | Life Student Care

At our Life Student Centres, we have had tremendous success in impacting the lives of our students. Have a read on some of their experiences.

Bryan - Lives touched by Love

  • When Bryan Chua (real name) joined the centre, his LSC teachers realised that he required special attention for his academic work.  They met up with Bryan’s school teacher to exchange information on how to help him, and let Bryan join the free tuition service by St Peters Church volunteers for low income families.
  • The family also required financial assistance.  The centre went the extra mile to help them apply for bursary, look for jobs and connected them with a Family Service Centre, on top of providing LCSS benevolent funding and extending their fee payment date.
  • The centre built up a strong bond with Bryan’s family.  When his mother had a surgical operation, the supervisor visited her with a gift of chicken essence.  The family was very grateful.  In return, the father did a voluntary painting job for the centre.

Sally - Screams to Smiles

  • Sally has a very bad temper and would often throw long screaming tantrums to get her way. She is also not interested in her school-work and would stubbornly refuse to do her work during supervised study -time.
  • Through months of patient and firm handling, the teachers built a rapport with her and managed to get her to be more cooperative. Her tantrums decreased in frequency and intensity, replaced by cheerful smiles which brighten up the centre.
  • Sally also started to enjoy doing homework, now taking the initiative to ask her teachers for help. Her parents are so happy with the progress that they recommended the centre to their friends.

Chelsea - From Failing to Passing in School

  • Chelsea had never attended pre-school before starting primary one. She was illiterate and struggled with her school work. For the first 4 years in school, she failed all her subjects.
  • Through the patience and effort of her LSC teachers, Chelsea managed to pass her subjects in primary 5.
  • In the following year, Chelsea topped her class in Math and came in overall second in class position.  Her success was the joy and pride of her teachers.

John - Hyperactive Child Does Well

  • John was diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder ( ADHD).  He liked to stand up and move about in class, and was easily distracted by things around him. As a result, he was not welcomed by his peers at the centre. 
  • Through months of patient, firm handling, counselling and affirming improvements, the teachers built a rapport with him. He started to respond better to their guidance. He could sit still to do his homework or to read an interesting story book.  His peers were able to accept him better.
  • His teachers continued to encourage him and help him with constant reminders. His parents were pleased with the effort of the LSC staff.

Mary - Tantrums to Positive Attitude

  • When Mary first attended LSC, she was very quiet and introvert except when she was provoked by someone touching her belongings. If someone touches her things, she could scream up to an hour or more.
  • After 6 months of counselling, the frequency of her screaming trantrums reduced.  After more than a year, her screams were not heard anymore.  She learnt to inform her teacher to get help, instead of throwing tantrums when someone touches her belongings.
  • Mary has adopted a more positive attitude and it helped improved her behaviour. Her parents were very happy with the attitude improvement in their daughter.