We’re about seeing lives transformed

Our story

Our journey began in 1996 when Dr Tan Kok Beng, our founder, felt a sincere desire to help children from low-income and/or vulnerable backgrounds.

He knew that early intervention is the best way to help these children, as he himself was given a lifeline out of his circumstances growing up.

Even when life has handed them cards they may not have wished for, they can still choose different life outcomes.

With this vision in mind, Life Community Services Society was born.

Activities were organized for beneficiaries

Volunteers have given their time to see lives changed

Children, youths & families have had their lives transformed

Our programmes focus on intervention work, including preventive, remedial and holistic development (character, moral values, social and emotional well-being).

We have seen that challenging family situations such as financial challenges, parental incarceration, and neglect, cause much emotional stress, trauma, and wounds in their children.

When a child experiences such stressors in the long run, their cognitive and emotional development are hindered. They find it harder to develop essential traits such as resilience and grit, which are crucial to help them break out of their circumstances. This also sets them back earlier on in life.

We aim to close these gaps, help our beneficiaries build strong foundations in their growing years and to reach their fullest potential, with resilience and purpose, later in life. 

We will continue to review, enhance and grow our four core programmes to ensure value add and to deliver greater impact to our beneficiaries, while maintaining a focus on mentoring children with the support of a core pool of consistent and committed volunteers. We aim to be at the forefront of child mentoring excellence in the coming years.