Twenty for better lives




2000 Regular Donors committed to giving $20 every month.
*You will qualify for 250% tax deduction when you sign up!

When you commit to giving regularly, you are allowing us to look at how to better support our beneficiaries on a long-term basis. Your regular giving creates the capacity for us to look at how we can journey with our beneficiaries through the different stages of their lives – a process that could takes years.

Research has shown that experiences in a child’s early years have a significant influence in his/her physical, cognitive and social development. Helping children break out of their existing cycles and moving them forward in their lives will greatly increase positive lifelong outcomes.

A $20/month donation will help a child with:

  • Monthly Food rations
  • Mentoring sessions
  • Academic support
  • Case management & Home visits
  • Activities and Workshops to build family bonds, life skills and character values

Partner us on our journey to bettering lives for our children.


How do I sign up?

You can donate monthly by the following methods:

You will qualify for 250% tax deduction when you sign up!