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Join us in empowering lives! With just $20 a month, you can make a difference to a young life in more ways than you could ever know.

TWENTY2000 is our call for 2000 willing hearts to donate $20 monthly for at least a year. Your contribution will go towards building long-term foundations and opportunities for the empowerment and growth of children from less-advantaged backgrounds.

Annually, Life Community serves over 900 children and families from low-income and/or vulnerable backgrounds, such as parental incarceration, through five core programmes.

Our programmes focus on intervention work, including preventive, remedial and holistic development (character, moral values, social and emotional well-being) to reduce potential problems such as crime, drug abuse and poor academic, physical, social and mental health.

We have seen that challenging family situations such as financial challenges, parental incarceration and neglect, cause much emotional stress, trauma and wounds in their children. When a child experiences such stressors in the long run, their cognitive and emotional development are hindered.

They find it harder to develop essential traits such as resilience and grit, which are crucial to help them break out of their circumstances. This also sets them back earlier on in life.

Life Community intervenes to close these gaps, so no child or youth is left behind.

We aim to help them build strong foundations in their growing years and to reach their fullest potential, with resilience and purpose, later in life.

“To help them to re-dream, they need someone who believes in them, someone who sees their hidden strengths and provides them with opportunities to groom their talents. Despite their difficult family backgrounds and oftentimes rejection by the society, each one of them deserves the right to be heard, the right to have a voice, the right to receive care, the right to pursue dreams and one day achieve their fullest potential to have a bright future. One day, they may even become the catalyst of hope to carry forward the spirit of mentoring and impact the next generation to come.” 

Quote from Ms Geraldine Chew, Social Worker, Life Community Services Society (2020 – Present)