Friends of Children and Youth


Our father was incarcerated due to drug abuse and rape. My mother then lost her job due to long medical leave. When Life Community first got in touch with us, I was 13 years old, and my two brothers were 11 years old and 8 years old. We all had many invisible wounds.

I had a lot of emotional trauma due to my father’s sexual abuse, finding it hard to trust people in general. My second brother displayed symptoms of physical violence. My youngest brother, at the age of 8, had no birth certificate, nor a pre-school education.

Life Community stepped in to help us obtain financial and academic assistance. They also provided counselling for us, to heal and become stronger emotionally, after our father’s abuse. Additionally, they managed to enrol my youngest brother to school, and tutored him personally so he could catch up. We are grateful for this journey with Life Community, it has changed our lives.


Join us to change lives today 

$30 will help a child with food rations for a month.

$3000 will help a child receive ongoing mentoring, home visits, activities, workshops, food, and targeted counselling for a year.