The Giant Within

Friends of Children and Youth


“My life story is quite similar to Sam’s, from the Video. I was seven when my parents were put behind bars. My grandmother became my main caregiver.

I constantly felt empty because I did not have a complete family. I feared sharing about my family background. I feared how others will look at me if they knew. Regarding personal struggles, I kept to myself mostly. I generally did not trust others. This hindered my friendships and support system.

I was connected to Life Community shortly after I was seven years old.

The caseworkers from Life Community visited me regularly. They were intentional in spending time with me, guiding me and understanding my struggles. They treated me like a friend. Even though I gave them a lot of trouble, they never once gave up on me. I gradually changed and opened up.

With much support, I was promoted to the Express Academic Stream in Secondary 2 (from Normal Academic Stream). Thereafter, I studied Law and Management in Temasek Polytechnic, and graduated in May 2019.

Today, I am 20 years old and my circumstances are much better.

Without Life Community’s support, things could have been very different.  I am thankful for this.

I plan to undertake Social Work studies in University. Seeing how my own life has been transformed, I intend to give back to Society, so that people, like Sam and myself, will receive the support they truly need”

– Mark is a Graduate Alumni of FOCY


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