Illiterate to Student Councillor

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Even at the age of 10, I was not able to read simple words like “Chair”, “Walk”, “How”. I was falling behind, and I would also get into fights and squabbles in school. I could not control myself.

It was also the year I joined Life Community. I had mentors assigned to me who tutored me in my studies, especially in the area of phonics. They were so patient, caring and encouraging; I felt they accepted me for who I am and truly wanted the best for me.

With their guidance, I took interest to learning. I was also growing in my self-confidence; could control myself more; started respecting others; and begin to share what I have with others. My mentors say that I am a more sensible and teachable boy now!

I also passed my PSLE! I am happy, my parents are very happy, so are the mentors at Life Community.

I am in secondary school now and I know I will do well. I have also been appointed as a Student Councillor, something I did not think I could be three years ago!