Volunteers play the biggest role in how effective we can be into effecting change.

We place much emphasis into training and equipping our volunteers so that they can play their roles effectively. There are no major requisites for becoming a volunteer. All we are after are individuals with big hearts and their unwavering commitment to their work. Come join us today!

Here are some of the programmes that you can be involved in:

Friends of Children

Voluntary befrienders play the role of a mentor and friend to the FOC children on a one-to-one befriending. They provide a tower of emotional, psychological support and academic support to the children during this transitional phase of their lives.

Requirements :

  • Commitment of at least a year for the wellbeing of the child
  • 6 hours monthly contact time with the child
  • Attend a Learn & Share session for an introduction to the  programme and preparation for the role 
  • Attend a Get-To-Know-You session to better facilitate the match of the volunteer to a FOC child.

We also need one-time volunteers for events like the FOC Christmas Party, holiday excursions and fund-raising.

Life Student Care

We welcome individual or group volunteers to enrich the lives of the children in our LSC Centres.

Volunteer opportunities include:

  • Give tuition
  • Give lessons on character building
  • Teach craft  or skills
  • Conduct enrichment programmes
  • Organise games
  • Organise educational field trips

How some of our volunteers have contributed :

  • Volunteer groups from, Yishun Methodist Mission and St Peter’s Church conduct ‘Care & Share’  programmes to teach our children on character values
  • Corporate volunteers from Seagate brought our children on a visit to the Jurong Bird Park
  • Corporate volunteers from Credit Suisse spent time with our children in an outing to Changi Village
  • Boys Brigade sponsored and organized a treasure hunt @ Vivocity
  • Volunteers from RGS & Nanyang Girls gave tuition under CIP
  • Students from Chung Cheng High School taught our students dancing and drama as part of their CIP programme.
  • Students from Nanyang Polytechnic Community service club conducted balloon sculpture sessions
  • Individual volunteers gave tuition