Gem In The Making



Pearl was four years old when I first met her. Her parents are busy working to support the family, which I understand. I would want to provide for my children as well. Hence, I volunteered to help support Pearl and her parents as an adult figure and mentor for Pearl.

‚ÄčInitially, Pearl was very shy and quiet. We spent most of our time on her favourite activity-drawing. Slowly, Pearl started to share about her day in her kindergarten classes. One day, I was very surprised when she showed me a drawing. She had drawn a family portrait, with me included! I was very touched that she had started to see me as part of her family.

When Pearl started primary school, she had trouble reading. I decided to practice reading with her weekly to help her overcome this, which she eventually did! Today, she continues to read as much as possible and this has helped her greatly in her spelling skills. I am very proud of her and it encourages me to keep doing what I am doing.

Pearl has so much potential and my hope for her is that she will grow up to be a responsible adult, who will persevere and overcome challenges, to realize her dreams.

– Belinda has been mentoring Pearl since 2016