Success Stories | Friends of Youth

Here are some success stories from our Friends of Youth programme.

Sally - Dreams Realized

  • Sally is a 16 years old girl and is taking her N’ level exams this year. She desires to enrol into a culinary course at ITE to learn cooking and harbour hopes of opening a restaurant one day.
  • This first step in realising her dreams would not be possible if not for the perseverance and belief of Sally’s caseworker. Sally is a shy and introverted girl and her childhood was marred by the fact that her father has been incarcerated several times. This resulted in a lack of father’s love when she is growing up.
  • Sally has an older sister, Alice, is 17 years old and is often favoured by her mother because of her achievements and charismatic personality. Alice is a prefect in school and is often polite to people around her. On top of that, she is able to articulate her thoughts well during her conversation with others. Sally pales in comparison.
  • Sally felt that nobody cares about her or her future. Her grades were in turn affected and she has failed most of her subjects. Despite this, Sally mother’s thoughts are all focused on grooming Alice and did not even bother to seek help for Sally’s studies.
  • The first few times Sally’s caseworker visited her, Sally would either hide underneath her bed or at the kitchen. Despite a lack of rapport and engagement with Sally for the first few session, her caseworker persisted in engaging with her through her interest in cooking and kept encouraging Sally to pursue her dreams. Sally’s caseworker has also provided advice to Sally on how she can work on improving her relationship with her mother.
  • Sally started to enjoy the visitations and no longer avoids her caseworker whenever her caseworker visits.
  • Sally has started receiving academic support and within 2 months, Sally has make leaps and bounds improvement in her grades especially mathematics which she passed and obtained 51 marks from the previously 9 marks.
  • The best news Sally has received this year was securing a place at ITE College West to study Asian Culinary which would enable her to take that first step in pursuing her career in culinary arts.

Kenny - Commitment Pays off

  • Born into a family of six siblings with an abusive, drug-laden father, Kenny was put in a more than unfavourable position to do well in his studies. His failing grades in the report card was telling.
  • Last year, the family situation took a turn for the worse. His father started consuming drugs and even had drugs in the house. He was also physically abusive towards Kenny’s mother. Kenny bored witness to this and would have intervened if his mother had not stopped him. He also found out that his father was having an affair. Considering the situation, the emotional stress that a person has to deal with would be huge, what more for 12-year old Kenny who at the same time had to face the pressure of taking his PSLE like all other Primary Six children. All things looked bleak.
  • Thanks to the Friends of Youth programme, Kenny received timely help to overcome the situation. He attended the weekly tuition classes at Life Community’s activity centre at Kallang Leisure Park together with other Primary Six children.
  • In addition, he also took part in the Character Development workshops under the Friends of Youth Growth programme. His caseworker met him regularly and motivated him to give his best for his studies. All these helped to strengthen his confidence and built character in him.
  • These interventions helped paved the way for him to improve and do well. His unwavering commitment and hard work paid off! He managed to pass all his subjects with an aggregate score of 152. It was good enough for Kenny who did much better than what he had expected. He was overjoyed when he got his results.
  • He expressed his gratitude to Life Community. At the annual Christmas Party, he also won an award to affirm his transformation. 

Ali - Stepping Out Of The Shadows

  • Ali was always overshadowed by his more outspoken sister. He also struggled with his studies and was doing badly, especially in Math.
  • With encouragement from staff, he has become more sociable and confident in interacting with staff.
  • Through the ICU program, he managed to pass his Math CA exam and it motivated him to try harder for all his exams subjects.
  • He is now hoping to pass his PSLE exams.

Aileen - Emergence of Confidence

  • Aileen was alone reserved and shy. She was a timid child who did not dare to try new things. She often cried when she did not get her way.
  • She has grown in her confidence and emotional competency.
  • She is able to interact comfortably with others and even be proactive towards approaching others.
  • She has learnt to articulate her want properly and respond appropriately.
  • She has also demonstrated by guiding the younger members in her school CCAs, Netball & Tchoukball.

Henry - Singing To Victory

  • Henry was raised by his grandmother. He was often aggressive towards his grandmother as he was angry, frustrated and lonely.
  • He realized his singing talent through our talent contest. He started to look for opportunity to develop his talent further.
  • He participated in a national singing competition and got to sing at the National Day Parade.
  • To he was offered a scholarship at a local art school.
  • As a result, he has significantly improved in his behaviour towards his grandmother.

Jenny - Winning Performance

  • Jenny used to cry & throw a tantrum when her sleep was disrupted. She was very self-conscious as well and scared of doing a lot of new things.
  • She displayed courage at a performance for Yellow Ribbon Gala Dinner in 2010. She fell during the performance. Yet she wasn’t consumed by embarrassment or give up performing. With the support of a fellow performer, she stood up and continued the performance.
  • She paid it forward the following year, at another event when she displayed care towards a performer who is visually impaired.
  • She managed to juggle between the performance practices and her PSLE that year.

Yakim - Emerging Leader

  • Yakim has spent many years without his father. He has had to help with the family financially and be independent to ease his mother’s burdens.
  • Yakim has been actively joining us for different activities. Through the interaction with him, I have seen him help to take up the role as a leader.
  • He communicates well and works closely with his peers.
  • Through the recent involvement with YBIG, he showed great motivation in improving his singing.

Phoebe - Consistent Leader

  • Phoebe was raised her by mother most of her life. She had to take care of herself and her younger brother alone as their mum went out to work.
  • Without tuition and her family difficulty, Phoebe was an outstanding student in secondary school.
  • She did very well for N levels. She has completed her ITE course is Office Skills despite having some family problems.
  • She has been a faithful and active member of the YBIG. Taking on a leadership role to coordinate meeting up with other youths.

Nisha - Victory Through Resilience

  • Nisha’s father was incarcerated for 7 years. She had a poor relationship with her mum and the family struggled financially.
  • She faced these ongoing family happening with a resilient attitude.
  • Her relationship with her mother has improved. She regularly relates to her mother about her daily activities and seeks her advice on challenges that she faces in school.
  • Without complaints, she assumed the role of a caregiver to her younger brother when her mother goes to work.
  • She actively participates in all our outings and look forward to Staff’s visits.