Success Stories | Friends Of Children

Here are some success stories from our Friends of Children programme.

Henry - Pressing Forward with Courage

  • At the age of 10, Henry was introduced to the Friends of Children (FOC) programme.
  • After his father’s incarceration, Henry’s mother became the sole breadwinner for him and 3 of his siblings. As such, his mother does not have sufficient time for her children and they are often left unsupervised.
  • The lack of active parental figure in Henry’s life caused him to develop low self-esteem and low self-confidence. As such, Henry began looking to social media and friends for validation.
  • Recognizing the needs of Henry, his caseworker introduced a volunteer befriender who can be a positive adult figure to provide proper guidance for him.
  • Thanks to the FOC programme which provide regular home visits and value based activities, together with the partnership of his volunteer befriender, Henry is beginning to take small steps out of his comfort zone. Just last year, Henry took part in LCSS annual Christmas performance competition and sang before a large crowd. Although he did not win in the competition, his courage is worthy to be praise as he puts himself out there to conquer his low self-esteem and low self-confidence. It brought such great encouragement to both his caseworker and volunteer befriender as well.
  • It is still a journey for Henry before he can shake off his negativity in him. But we believe with constant encouragement and support, he will be able to walk in confidence again.

Abby, Bert & Carl - Overcoming Abuse

  • The father of Abby, Bert and Carl was incarcerated due to drug abuse and rape. Their mother lost her job due to long medical leave.
  • 17 year-old Abby suffers emotional disturbance due to her father's offenses on her. 14 year-old Bert displays symptoms of violence. 8 year-old Carl has no birth certificate nor a pre-school education.
  • FOC staff helped the children obtain financial and academic assistance, as well as counselling to come to terms with their father's abuse.
  • A befriender helped Carl catch up on basic Math and English, enabling him  to be enrolled into a primary school.

Ali - Leaping Forward

  • Ali is a 11 year- old boy with poor academic results. His father is incarcerated for theft related offences. He stays with his mother and 3 older siblings. The primary caregiver works 12 hours shift work job to make ends meet at home.
  • LCSS staff visited him regularly to provide psychological / emotional support & running of Guidance Programme to instill values such as love, peace & patience. He and his sister were assigned a couple as their befrienders, who acted as mentors to the children and provided them academic support for one year.
  • As a result, Ali developed more interest in his studies. He used to fail all subjects from P1 to P3, but he eventually passed all subjects for his P4 year-end exam. He did especially well for Science, improving his score from 33 to 83 points.
  • Another benefit Ali receives from the FOC programme - he gets to experience interesting outings, such as taking the yacht trip sponsored by Johnson & Johnson. It is something he would otherwise never get to experience due to his family's low-income background.