Success Stories | EduGrow for Brighter Tomorrows

Here are some success stories from our EduGrow programme.

Gemma - Opening up

  • Despite her challenging family circumstances, Gemma (not her real name) always puts on a smile on her face to mask the pain.
  • After months of mentoring, Gemma broke down one day and opened up to her mentor, seeking advice on her family and studies.
  • Gemma’s mentor guided her in her thought and emotional process, and encouraged her to take ownership of her situation and make the best of it.
  • Gemma is now able to enjoy peace of mind, knowing she made well-considered and thoughtful decisions for both herself and her family.

Pearl - Confident Leader

  • As one of the oldest in the EduGrow programme since she joined in 2016, Pearl is always ready to take on any responsibility given to her.
  • As she entered Secondary 1 this year, Pearl’s increase in self-confidence was evident as she began volunteering for more leadership roles, taking on bigger risks, and summoning the courage to participate in competitions.
  • Pearl’s mentor has also been helping her discover more about herself as she navigates her transition from child to teenager. More than before, Pearl is focused, determined, and confident of achieving success in everything she does.