Friends of Youth

Befriend and mentor youths (12-19yrs) with parent/s presently/formerly incarcerated by harnessing their energy and talent into positive outcomes through Skills, Personality, Relational, Emotional, Academic and Dollars (S.P.R.E.A.D) intervention.

lcss-friends-of-youth-logo-pageFOY takes on an intervention approach of befriending youths whose parent(s) are presently or formerly incarcerated,  to celebrate, harness and channel their energy and talents into positive outcomes. 

Through activity-based programmes we mentor and impart moral values to the youths.  


  • Youths aged between 12 to 19 years old
  • At least one parent presently/formerly incarcerated
  • All race and religions
  • No geographical boundary (ie. Island-wide)


Adolescence is a developmental phase where one seeks to “find himself/herself”.  FOY activity-based programme employs a wholesome intervention and prevention approach through five components of services.  These pillars are:

Moral Development – Impart moral values through talks to distinguish between right and wrong and character development

Personality Development – Develop a healthy self-esteem & forge a sense of identity.  Formation of self-concept.

Skills Development – Life skills development through interest-based groups and leadership camps

Relational & Social Skills Development – Strengthen relationship with parents, siblings and peers of same/opposite sex through fun-filled activities.

Financial Assistance – Provide information and referral, food ration for needy families to bridge service gaps, and link them to referral of employment.