Friends of Children

Provide care and support for children (7-13yrs) with parent/s presently/formerly incarcerated through Social, Physical, Emotional, Educational and Dollars S.P.E.E.D intervention.

lcss-friends-of-children-logo-pageFOC takes on an intervention approach of providing care and support for children with parent(s) presently or formerly incarcerated. The children are at risk when one or both of their parents are/were incarcerated. The anxieties of being separated from their parents and the shame of being rejected by their peers have a serious impact on the child’s emotional development.

These children require strong support and guidance to live without prejudice and contempt. During the transitional care, we employ a holistic intervention approach for the children through the five components of services represented by the acronym S.P.E.E.D. They stand for Social, Physical, Emotional, Educational, and Dollars (Financial). Another distinct feature of the FOC Programme is the commitment  of our voluntary befrienders who offer long-term genuine friendship to the children.


  • Children aged between 7 – 13 years old
  • At least one parent presently/formerly incarcerated
  • All race and religions
  • No geographical boundary (i.e., Island-wide)


We look into the various aspects of the children’s needs through the following ways (S.P.E.E.D.) :

Social – Outings, interaction with volunteer befrienders

Physical – Regular food ration, Birthday celebration

Emotional – Staff visitations, Counselling, In-house Guidance Programme

Educational Academic guidance, I Coach U (ICU) Tuition Programme, referral to agencies and schools for educational and learning support and assistance

Dollars (Financial) – Information & referral to government agencies, referral of employment for caregivers, and LCSS Benevolence fund