Twenty 2000 – A Fundraising Campaign

Aim: 2000 Donors donating $20/month to LCSS


What happens when a child has one or both parent/s incarcerated? With Daddy and, sometimes, Mummy gone, how will his/her basic necessities be met? Who will teach the child to cycle? Who will be there to bring him to school on their first day in primary one, to fend for him when they are bullied, or to watch him graduate from pre-school, primary school and secondary school? These children are often left to go through the milestones in life on their own. They live with shame, guilt and prejudice because of the family’s secret of their parent’s incarceration.

Likewise, families who experience financial or marital difficulties can have a negative impact on their children.  It is challenging to overcome financial difficulties and this often puts a strain on relationships within the home. Children watch the families fight for the little that they have and sometimes, their needs are sacrificed just to make it through their situations. These children from homes experiencing difficulties can still shine with the right guidance.

Life Community believes in reaching out to these children and positively impacting their lives. Our programmes provide care and support for these precious children & youth. Every child in our programmes is regularly visited. They are also provided with emotional support, food ration. Their birthdays are celebrated and we provide them with a variety of experience beyond their usual through educational outings and activities. Another distinct feature of our very successful programmes is the commitment of voluntary befrienders who provide long-term genuine friendship to these children. These programmes and targeted assistance are only made possible through many acts of generosity by our regular donors.

TWENTY 2000, a campaign initiated by Life Community Services Society, gives you an opportunity to do your part to impact the lives of these children.

From 1 Nov 16, we are calling out to 2000 donors, like you, who would donate $20/month regularly to our programmes (i.e. $240/year).  You may make a one-time donation of $240 via the donate link, or click here to make a monthly contribution to our programmes.

Every giving is precious. Sometimes, a small thing you do can mean everything in another person’s life.

Thank you for your support and partnership in impacting young lives!