Real lives, Real changes

Lives transformed

It is through reading accounts like these that makes it all worthwhile, doing what we do. Many of these stories are still being written, and we invite you to come on the journey with us. Have a read on how lives have been changed through the actions of a few.

Success Stories of Our Beneficiaries

These tell of the journeys from places of despair to a life of hope and promise. The stories are still be written today and it gives us great courage to know that with our love, lives can still be turned around.

I Am Able

I Am Able

Born into a family of six siblings with an abusive father who uses drugs constantly, Kenny was in an unfavourable position at an early age in life. Read his story as he gets empowered and turns his life around.

Stories From Our Volunteers

It is one thing to read about how one overcomes extreme challenges and difficulties but another to have taken the journey alongside another. Here are some thoughts from our volunteers on how being part of LCSS’ programmes had changed their viewpoint.