Your giving makes a difference

Why you should care

We do not choose the circumstances we are born into. Neither did our beneficiaries. They face numerous setbacks from an early age, such as the inability to read or write, lacking in nutrition, and/or carrying emotional scars. All these could be a result of parent incarceration, a lack of parental presence to teach and guide, financial constraints, and even physical and mental abuse.

This is why Life Community Services Society intervenes. Even if life has handed them cards they did not wish for, we believe they can still choose different life outcomes.

You can help by making a donation and meeting their needs. Do also consider a regular monthly donation so we can look at how to better support our beneficiaries with long-term plans, that is only made possible with committed donors like yourself backing us up.

Make a difference today, let’s not leave anyone behind.

$30 will provide one child with food rations for a month
$250 will provide monthly training and support for 45 mentors, to befriend and guide our children in one-to-one sessions weekly
$3,000 will help one child receive ongoing mentoring, home visits, activities, workshops, food, and targeted counselling for a year

Ways To Donate