Board and Management

Board Members

(updated as of 5 Aug 2019)

Mr Nicholas Goh Cher Shuie


Date of First Appointment : 19/10/2011

Key Directorships & Appointments :

  • Founder & CEO, Verztec Consulting Pte Ltd
  • Finance Committee member, National Volunteer and Philanthropy Centre
  • Finance Board Member, The Rice Company Ltd
  • Council Member, Workforce Advancement Federation
  • Board Member, Global Cultural Alliance
  • Board Member, Sim Lim Tower Committee

His heart behind the service :

“We are all created differently and have our own unique gifts and talents. To be able to use them to bless others through Life Community is indeed a privilege and a great learning journey for me.”

Mr Shaun Tan Zhonghao

Vice Chairman

Date of First Appointment : 26/11/2013

Key Directorships & Appointments :

  • Group Chairman, DG Packaging Pte Ltd

His heart behind the service :

“Those who refresh others will themselves be refreshed.  I have been blessed to bless those who need a helping hand.”

Mr Seow Kiat Wang

Honorary Treasurer

Date of First Appointment : 26/02/2004

Key Directorships & Appointments :

  • Managing Partner, Credence Partners Pte Ltd

His heart behind the service :

“It is a privilege for me to participate in meeting the needs of our community through Life Community and to serve alongside many who are similarly motivated.”

Dr Gilbert Tan Yip Wei

Honorary Secretary

Date of First Appointment : 28/06/2007

Key Directorships & Appointments :

  • Associate Professor, Singapore Management University

His heart behind the service :

“When I realised that needs are plentiful and great, every small contribution on my part will make a difference.”

Mr Goh Kng Yan

Emeritus Chairman; Member

Date of First Appointment: 23/03/1996

Key Directorships & Appointments :

  • Ex Senior advisor, Beca Carter Hollings & Ferner (SEA) Pte Ltd

His heart behind the service :

“It is a great privilege to be part of building strong communities through Life Community. I strongly believe that if children are given the necessary love, guidance and support to succeed, they will succeed beyond their wildest dreams!”

Dr Tan Kok Beng


Date of First Appointment: 23/03/1996

Key Directorships & Appointments :

  • CEO, Asia Pacific Mission Ltd
  • Founder of LCSS

His heart behind the service :

“My family was poor growing up and I had received help from my kind uncle. This gave me opportunities I couldn’t have had otherwise. Hence, I feel for the poor, having experienced it myself, as they need help to make their lives better. This has helped shape my vision for Life Community”

Ms Ng Mi Li

Assistant Treasurer

Date of Board Appointment : 30/07/2018

Key Directorships & Appointments :

  • Managing Director, Rockbell International Software Pte Ltd
  • Practising Management Consultant

Her heart behind the service :

“I have always been burdened to help the less fortunate, especially at risk youth and orphans. The experience of giving back at Boys Town Singapore, Family Service Centre and Chen Su Lan Methodist Home previously has furthered reinforced my belief and desire to help, and here at LCSS, I consider it a blessing to be able to give back in an area so close to my heart. ”

Key Management

Ms Lam Moi Kwai

Chief Executive Officer

Date of Appointment : 19/08/2013

Past Experience :

  • Director in various capacities, KONE Pte Ltd
  • 17 years of experience including General Management, Sales Management, Customer Experience Management, Human Resource and Administration Management

Her heart behind the service :

“I believe we are all blessed with different talents in life and it is my heart to use them faithfully to serve others in all ways and forms possible.”

Updated as of 10 June 2019