Board Committee

Committee Roles and Responsibilities

Audit Committee
Members : Mr Nicholas Goh (Chairman), Dr Gilbert Tan
Roles and Responsibilities : The Audit Committee is responsible for reviewing LCSS financial reports from external auditors, overseeing the overall risk management and conducting periodic checks on LCSS internal control and compliance systems and processes.

Finance and Investment Committee
Members : Mr Seow Kiat Wang (Chairman), Mr Shaun Tan
Roles and Responsibilities : The Finance and Investment committee oversees and reviews the financial performance of LCSS, budget and financial reports prepared by the internal finance team, decides on investment strategies, reviews the types of investments at the start of each financial year and conducts periodic reviews on the viability of the investments.

HR Committee
Members : Dr Gilbert Tan (Chairman), Ms Ng Mi li
Roles and Responsibilities : The HR committee oversees and authorises the development of LCSS’s HR policies and procedures. The HR committee also acts as a mediator for employee complaints, if necessary or required.

Nominating Committee
Members : Dr Tan Kok Beng (Chairman), Mr Goh Kng Yan
Roles and Responsibilities : The nominating committee oversees the succession planning and decision making of prospective LCSS Board members.

Fundraising Committee
Members : Mr Nicholas Goh (Chairman), Mr Seow Kiat Wang, Mr Shuan Tan
Roles and Responsibilities : The Fundraising Committee oversees LCSS’s overall fundraising plans and budget. The committee will support and identify sources of fund to help raise money through their network. The committee shall involve all Board members in all fundraising efforts and activities and ensure fundraising guidelines are followed, where applicable and practicable.

Committee Meeting
The Committee members and CEO will meet twice in a financial year, to review and discuss existing practices.

Updated as of 10 June 2019