Success Stories | MightyKFC

Our MightyKids, Families and Community programme has been making an impact in our nation. Here are some encouraging stories.

Tom - Changed by your Commitment

  • At the age of 10 years old, Tom was still unable to read basic words such as ‘chair, walk, how,’ etc. MightyKFC attached befrienders to personally tutor him and train him in phonics. After much patient perseverance, showering lots of praise for his efforts and affirmation to build his confidence, Tom began to show interest in learning. It was such a joy both for his family and for us when Tom passed his PSLE last year. Tom, himself, was jubilant that his hard work was rewarded. He is now more motivated to do well in secondary school.  He has been appointed as a student councilor in his secondary school.
  • Academic progress aside, Tom was also a challenge when it came to his unruly and naughty behaviour. He was often entangled in fights and squabbles. His time at our MightyKFC Activity Centre has taught him self-control and he has learned to respect and share with others.  Tom  has become a sensible and more teachable boy. 
  • After 3 years of patience and lovingly sowing, we are greatly encouraged to see positive character transformation in Tom.

Jerry - A helping Hand to a disadvantaged child

image001*Jerry’s mother abandoned him when he was a baby. Due to drug overdose, his father suffered brain damage and has been staying at a community hospital for years. Jerry’s caregiver is his 80 years old grandmother. At one stage, his elderly and limping grandmother would take the 1-1/2 hour bus journey with Jerry from Woodlands to his school in Bukit Purmei, every day. His father’s good friend was so moved with compassion for them that he gave up his matrimonial home for them to stay so as to spare them the arduous journey to and from school each day.

Jerry came into our Activity Centre 4 years ago. He was hyperactive, had poor social skills and had a tendency to bully others to get what he wanted. He is learning to exercise self-control and anger management. In terms of academics, Jerry was really weak. Last year we placed him under LCSS’s “I Coach You” program to prepare him for his PSLE. There was much rejoicing among our staff and volunteers when Jerry passed his PSLE.

image002Because of his weakness in his command of languages, Jerry faced difficulties in conveying his ideas across. The English tuition has built up his vocabulary and expression and Jerry is now more confident in engaging conversation. After PSLE, Jerry is enrolled into the Normal Academic stream. This is considered a remarkable achievement, especially for Foundation students. However, secondary school pose a greater challenge to him; having to cope with more subjects and heavy school assignments. We will continue to affirm him and nurture him within a loving and learning environment.

*Not his real name