Success Stories | Friends of Youth

Here are some success stories from our Friends of Youth programme.

Eugene - Break Through

  • Eugene is a 13 year-old boy with dyslexia. His father was incarcerated for drug abuse. Eugene used to struggle with his studies and would find excuses not to do his homework. He had been failing all his school subjects from P1 to P4. 
  • LCSS staff visited him regularly, providing him with psychological and emotional support, and a guidance programme to instill values such as love, peace and patience. His assigned befriender acted as a mentor  and provided academic support for 3.5 years.
  • For his P5 final exams, he topped his level in Foundation Mathematics. For his PSLE, he topped his cohort and received recognition from his school.  He also improved in his ability to relate with confidence & communicate with adequate proficiency. He is now adapting well in a seconday school.

Ally - Stepping Up

  • Ally was a self-conscience young girl who lacked confidence and self-esteem. She was also skeptical about new people and kept to herself in social settings.
  • Through the years, she has blossomed into a confident, outgoing girl with great leadership potential.
  • Since her participation in our youth interest group YBIG, Ally has never failed to make an effort to make newcomers feel welcomed.
  • She is courageous and hardworking too. She displayed determination and confidence in performing on stage shortly after learning how to play the keyboard.

Brad - Life Game Winner!

  • Brad was a boy addicted to gaming. He also had a negative attitude towards his older brother with whom he had a poor relationship.
  • With many small changes in his own behaviour, Brad persevered in improving his relationship with his brother.
  • His went from wanting his brother ‘dead‘, to wishing well for his family, which he indicated includes his brother.
  • He also cut down his excessive gaming hours, through perseverance and self- control. He is now able to focus better on his study.

Zack - True Brotherhood

  • Zack had gotten into fights when he was younger. He felt he needed to protect ‘his own’. He dealt with matter with through arguments and fights.
  • When his brother entered NS, Zack started taking on more responsibility at home.
  • Now, during FOY outings and soccer trainings, Zack acts as an older brother to the other youths.
  • He will looks out for them and guide them if needed and the younger boys look up to him and respect him as well.

Ali - Stepping Out Of The Shadows

  • Ali was always overshadowed by his more outspoken sister. He also struggled with his studies and was doing badly, especially in Math.
  • With encouragement from staff, he has become more sociable and confident in interacting with staff.
  • Through the ICU program, he managed to pass his Math CA exam and it motivated him to try harder for all his exams subjects.
  • He is now hoping to pass his PSLE exams.

Aileen - Emergence of Confidence

  • Aileen was alone reserved and shy. She was a timid child who did not dare to try new things. She often cried when she did not get her way.
  • She has grown in her confidence and emotional competency.
  • She is able to interact comfortably with others and even be proactive towards approaching others.
  • She has learnt to articulate her want properly and respond appropriately.
  • She has also demonstrated by guiding the younger members in her school CCAs, Netball & Tchoukball.

Henry - Singing To Victory

  • Henry was raised by his grandmother. He was often aggressive towards his grandmother as he was angry, frustrated and lonely.
  • He realized his singing talent through our talent contest. He started to look for opportunity to develop his talent further.
  • He participated in a national singing competition and got to sing at the National Day Parade.
  • To he was offered a scholarship at a local art school.
  • As a result, he has significantly improved in his behaviour towards his grandmother.

Jenny - Winning Performance

  • Jenny used to cry & throw a tantrum when her sleep was disrupted. She was very self-conscious as well and scared of doing a lot of new things.
  • She displayed courage at a performance for Yellow Ribbon Gala Dinner in 2010. She fell during the performance. Yet she wasn’t consumed by embarrassment or give up performing. With the support of a fellow performer, she stood up and continued the performance.
  • She paid it forward the following year, at another event when she displayed care towards a performer who is visually impaired.
  • She managed to juggle between the performance practices and her PSLE that year.

Yakim - Emerging Leader

  • Yakim has spent many years without his father. He has had to help with the family financially and be independent to ease his mother’s burdens.
  • Yakim has been actively joining us for different activities. Through the interaction with him, I have seen him help to take up the role as a leader.
  • He communicates well and works closely with his peers.
  • Through the recent involvement with YBIG, he showed great motivation in improving his singing.

Phoebe - Consistent Leader

  • Phoebe was raised her by mother most of her life. She had to take care of herself and her younger brother alone as their mum went out to work.
  • Without tuition and her family difficulty, Phoebe was an outstanding student in secondary school.
  • She did very well for N levels. She has completed her ITE course is Office Skills despite having some family problems.
  • She has been a faithful and active member of the YBIG. Taking on a leadership role to coordinate meeting up with other youths.

Nisha - Victory Through Resilience

  • Nisha’s father was incarcerated for 7 years. She had a poor relationship with her mum and the family struggled financially.
  • She faced these ongoing family happening with a resilient attitude.
  • Her relationship with her mother has improved. She regularly relates to her mother about her daily activities and seeks her advice on challenges that she faces in school.
  • Without complaints, she assumed the role of a caregiver to her younger brother when her mother goes to work.
  • She actively participates in all our outings and look forward to Staff’s visits.