Success Stories | Friends Of Children

Here are some success stories from our Friends of Children programme.

Abby, Bert & Carl - Overcoming Abuse

  • The father of Abby, Bert and Carl was incarcerated due to drug abuse and rape. Their mother lost her job due to long medical leave.
  • 17 year-old Abby suffers emotional disturbance due to her father's offenses on her. 14 year-old Bert displays symptoms of violence. 8 year-old Carl has no birth certificate nor a pre-school education.
  • FOC staff helped the children obtain financial and academic assistance, as well as counselling to come to terms with their father's abuse.
  • A befriender helped Carl catch up on basic Math and English, enabling him  to be enrolled into a primary school.

Ali - Leaping Forward

  • Ali is a 11 year- old boy with poor academic results. His father is incarcerated for theft related offences. He stays with his mother and 3 older siblings. The primary caregiver works 12 hours shift work job to make ends meet at home.
  • LCSS staff visited him regularly to provide psychological / emotional support & running of Guidance Programme to instill values such as love, peace & patience. He and his sister were assigned a couple as their befrienders, who acted as mentors to the children and provided them academic support for one year.
  • As a result, Ali developed more interest in his studies. He used to fail all subjects from P1 to P3, but he eventually passed all subjects for his P4 year-end exam. He did especially well for Science, improving his score from 33 to 83 points.
  • Another benefit Ali receives from the FOC programme - he gets to experience interesting outings, such as taking the yacht trip sponsored by Johnson & Johnson. It is something he would otherwise never get to experience due to his family's low-income background.