MightyKids, Families & Community

Our MightyKids, Families & Community (MightyKFC) programme believes in the potential and value of every child and the importance of the family unit as foundational to the growth and progress of the community.

MightyKFC serves the community children and youths; affirming them and providing them with a loving and learning environment in which they can rise up to live an empowered life.

MightyKFC runs a Activity Centre for children and youths (ages 6-19) around the Telok Blangah Estate to drop by, to have fun and healthy activities and enrichment programmes.


  • To provide a safe, loving and learning environment.
  • To have lots of fun and healthy activties under the supervision of adults
  • To Nurture character, Empower them to rise above their circumstances and build a Wholesome community.
  • To motivate them to Lead Intentional Fruitful, Empowered life.


  • Growing through Interactive Learning Experiences (life-skills, creativity, resilience, motivation, compassion, patience, teamwork, communication and responsibility.
  • Academic guidance, I Coach You (ICU) tuition programme
  • Family empowering programme
  • Community Bonding projects